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Stubbornness vs laziness

Is stubbornness just another word for lazy?  Over the past couple of years I have learned that I can be a really stubborn person, but I wouldn’t classify myself as lazy.  But the more I started to think about it the more I began to draw some similarities between the two.  Is being stubborn just another way of saying that I am too lazy to try another option?  Often times when I get aches and pains or headaches people say to take an ibuprofen but I almost always decline and just tough it out.  I have began to believe that that is just me being a bit stubborn and deciding to ride out the pain.  But is it really just me being to lazy to take a few pills??  There are many other examples but this one caught my attention today and I have thinking about it ever sense.


Welcome to the inner workings of my brain


Sick days in the real world

I took my first sick day for work today, and it is way different then taking a sick day from school growing up.  First off, you don’t have to convince your parents that you really are sick enough to warrant staying home.  Instead you have to convince yourself that you are too sick to get your work done and that you will be able to manage missing work. For me it was definitely easier to talk to my parents then convince myself this was the right move.  Once i made the decision to stay home I went back to bed, but once I woke back up I soon realized that I have no food in the house and no Mom to take care of me.  It just isn’t the same, so hear is a reminder to call your parents no matter how far away you are from them and say thank you for always taking care of you when you weren’t able to take care of yourself.

– Charlie

Round 1 of Charlie and me Masters

First round is in the books.  Grant and and I weren’t paired together for the first couple of rounds of this years masters. I just completed my round.  I had trouble getting off the tea but my iron play and putter came to my rescue.  I hit 17 greens in regulation  and had 22 putts. Ended up carding a 58.  I’m happy with how I played and am looking forward to Friday’s round.  I’m curious to see how Grant fairs in his first round and what kind of battle we will have for the weekend.

– Charlie


Loser, Loser, Saturday Test.

The Charlie and me bracket challenge is in full flight with the winner to still be decided.   However, we don’t care about winners.  We are all about not being the worst of the group.  Fortunately or unfortunately depending who you are, the loser has been determined.  It does seem fitting that one us lost, but I am sure glad it isn’t me.  Sorry Grant, but looks like you will be retaking the ACT.

That being said this does feel like a perfect opportunity to place some bets on what his score will be.  What if loser if this bet has to pay for the test?? I am sure we will discuss this further on future podcasts as we figure out the details on when and where he takes the exam.